Quicken incompatibilities

Ever since the first version of QHI it was understood that QHI is a secondary product for Intuit. It seems that this also means fewer engineers working on it, so it looks like it became a second grade product as well.

You have an old QHIM with IDB files, then you have newer QHIM with QHI files, and you also got QHIM with MDF files. Now, the one with QHI files can load IDB files and that’s the only bit of compatibility they ever created. And now Home Inventory 2013… it’s madness.

I ended up buying $80 worth of software to get the same basic thing working. Now, Microsoft might be cursed by some people, but they at least care about backward compatibility. I can still load old Word files created on Windows 95. I could pay to upgrade. But, no, with Quicken it’s pay to get the same program and type in all your data again.


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