Loading Quicken Home Inventory database [solved]

Yesterday I learned about Attic Manager, so tried it myself. I’m still completely confused, not just because IT WORKS, but it’s able to load the data from any QHIM format!!!

I mean, this (apparently just one) guy who made it was able to create loader for all Quicken formats all by himself? Well, hats off to him, he deserves that $20 for the program.

I was able to load my current inventory and also the old one (stamps I sold) into the same database from two different Quicken Home Inventory files. This new program called Attic Manager (funny name), allows multiple levels of nesting so I have something like this:

  • My Inventory
    • Coins (current stuff loaded from Quicken MDF file)
    • Stamps (old database of Stamps loaded from Quicken IDB file)

It looks like it works a lot faster than old QHIM (the one with IDB files) and it supports pictures for receipts, etc. very well. I need to test it for a couple of days before settling on it.


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