QHIM databases and Windows 8

Got a new laptop with Windows 8? Want to use your really old and big Quicken Home Inventory database?

I switched recently from Quicken to a program called Attic Manager, mostly because I have 6000+ coins in my coin collection and it would be a major pain in you-know-where to type that all in again into a new program. That’s the reason I switched, but now I praise AM because of it’s openness meaning that: My data is MY data, not Intiuit’s, and no program should lock me down. Just like I can extract data from Excel to say, OpenOffice, I want to be able to export my inventory to CSV or Excel and Attic Manager does just that.

Now, I have Windows 8 and two inventory files to load. The old one ending with .IDB loaded just fine, but the newer MDF one could not. Apparently there is some incompatibilities in Microsoft SQL Server version or whatever. However, the workaround is rather easy: I simply used the old Windows 7 machine (you can do the same with Windows XP as well) and imported the database into Attic Manager. Then I did “backup” in AM on Win7 and then copied that backup file to Windows 8 and did “restore” option in AM.

Now, I have my 6 years old database on my brand new Windows 8 computer. And… it cost me only $20 (actually $19.99). And… AM website says that “all future upgrades are free”. Now, that means $19.99 and you’re done with this problem – for life.


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