QHIM databases and Windows 8

Got a new laptop with Windows 8? Want to use your really old and big Quicken Home Inventory database?

I switched recently from Quicken to a program called Attic Manager, mostly because I have 6000+ coins in my coin collection and it would be a major pain in you-know-where to type that all in again into a new program. That’s the reason I switched, but now I praise AM because of it’s openness meaning that: My data is MY data, not Intiuit’s, and no program should lock me down. Just like I can extract data from Excel to say, OpenOffice, I want to be able to export my inventory to CSV or Excel and Attic Manager does just that.

Now, I have Windows 8 and two inventory files to load. The old one ending with .IDB loaded just fine, but the newer MDF one could not. Apparently there is some incompatibilities in Microsoft SQL Server version or whatever. However, the workaround is rather easy: I simply used the old Windows 7 machine (you can do the same with Windows XP as well) and imported the database into Attic Manager. Then I did “backup” in AM on Win7 and then copied that backup file to Windows 8 and did “restore” option in AM.

Now, I have my 6 years old database on my brand new Windows 8 computer. And… it cost me only $20 (actually $19.99). And… AM website says that “all future upgrades are free”. Now, that means $19.99 and you’re done with this problem – for life.


Using old QHIM database on 64-bit Windows 7

Today my son moved to a different computer, one with Windows 7 64bit. He also uses Quicken Home Inventory, so after failing to install it on Windows 7 he called me. We really could not get it to work.

So, he bought him a copy of Attic Manager, used the old Windows XP machine to transfer the database and now he’s up an running. I really don’t know what would we do if Attic Manager was not created? We would need to keep around the old machines with prehistoric Windows XP just to access the inventory databases.

I bet Attic saves us it’s worth in electricity bill reduction alone šŸ˜‰


Saving your old Quicken Home Inventory database

Attic Manager is definitely going to stay, and bye bye QHIM. I was a little bit worried though, not to fall into same trap as with Quicken. However, there is not reason for fear: Attic Manager allows you to export all your data to CSV format, which can be loaded into Excel (I just tried. It works).

Now I’m feeling much safer as I can extract my data whenever I want. Although, I’m not sure it would be necessary since Attic Manager seems to be supported really well. As I understood, it was created in 2006. and works with any version of Windows released since. That’s 7 years!

When you are using an inventory program for valuable stuff like coins, you need it to be stable, fast and safe, not change every few years. Attic Manager is my choice.


Loading Quicken Home Inventory database [solved]

Yesterday I learned about Attic Manager, so tried it myself. I’m still completely confused, not just because IT WORKS, but it’s able to load the data from any QHIM format!!!

I mean, this (apparently just one) guy who made it was able to create loader for all Quicken formats all by himself? Well, hats off to him, he deserves that $20 for the program.

I was able to load my current inventory and also the old one (stamps I sold) into the same database from two different Quicken Home Inventory files. This new program called Attic Manager (funny name), allows multiple levels of nesting so I have something like this:

  • My Inventory
    • Coins (current stuff loaded from Quicken MDF file)
    • Stamps (old database of Stamps loaded from Quicken IDB file)

It looks like it works a lot faster than old QHIM (the one with IDB files) and it supports pictures for receipts, etc. very well. I need to test it for a couple of days before settling on it.


Loading an old Quicken Home Inventory database on new Windows system

Whoa, I thought this was not possible. Few years ago, after painful switch between QHI versions, I was trying to find a different program. But, all of them required typing in the data. Some had option to import from Excel or CSV, but QHIM has no option to export the data. It’s a data lockdown to keep us using their product.

However, yesterday a coin-collector friend of mine told me that he also used QHI and switched to this new program called Attic Manager which is able to load QHI database. I could not believe, so I’ll try it myself. I’ll write about it in my next post.


Quicken incompatibilities

Ever since the first version of QHI it was understood that QHI is a secondary product for Intuit. It seems that this also means fewer engineers working on it, so it looks like it became a second grade product as well.

You have an old QHIM with IDB files, then you have newer QHIM with QHI files, and you also got QHIM with MDF files. Now, the one with QHI files can load IDB files and that’s the only bit of compatibility they ever created. And now Home Inventory 2013… it’s madness.

I ended up buying $80 worth of software to get the same basic thing working. Now, Microsoft might be cursed by some people, but they at least care about backward compatibility. I can still load old Word files created on Windows 95. I could pay to upgrade. But, no, with Quicken it’s pay to get the same program and type in all your data again.